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These groups are not owned or monitored by Sarcoma UK. Any opinions expressed in these forums by any accounts other than Sarcoma UK account name are those of the individual poster and do not reflect the views of Sarcoma UK. Please talk to your key worker or another healthcare professional if you have detailed questions about your treatment.

Online support groups give you regular contact with people who share and understand your experiences. Many sarcoma patients and carers feel isolated and alone. You may never have met or spoken to someone else with sarcoma.

Sarcoma Patients in the UK & Ireland (Facebook)

A group for sarcoma patients based in the UK and Ireland offering friendship, and support to past and current sarcoma patients. Facebook.

Macmillan Cancer Support Community

This community is a place for anyone affected by cancer in any way, be it directly, through a friend or family member, as a fundraiser or as a campaigner. The community has an active discussion thread for people with sarcoma where members can ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

How does it work?

This online forum is a discussion site that allows people to hold conversations through posted messages. Members are asked follow Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. It is moderated by Macmillan Cancer Support using reactive moderation, which means that they rely on members to alert Macmillan Cancer Support to any inappropriate content or behaviour.

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Club HQ

Club HQ is a support group for Hindquarter Amputees (HQAs) resulting from bone cancer. It is an affinity group run by HQAs for HQAs and centres around a Secret Facebook Group and an annual get together. Free to join, members are active in mentoring new HQAs and providing advice. Anyone wishing to join the group - before or after amputation - should contact Simon Henson on

Desmoid United UK (Facebook)

A group for anyone suffering from Desmoid Type Fibromatosis tumours and their family, friends and caregivers. People can share their stories as well as recive support from the community. Facebook

Gynae Sarcoma email forum

The Gynae Sarcoma email forum is open to anyone affected by gynaecological sarcomas. You will be able to use the group to discuss things like diagnosis and treatment, as well as finding emotional support from other members. To join, follow the instructions provided below.