We offer a range of support for anyone diagnosed with or concerned about sarcoma. Call or email our confidential Support Line. Or you can start right now by downloading or ordering our patient guides.

Sometimes it’s good to share your experience with others. We have information about the many support groups around the country. There may be one close to you. If not, you can always join in the discussion in an online support community.

You truly are not alone.

Sarcoma UK Support Line staff

Sarcoma UK Support Line

Sarcoma UK Support Line specialists are here for every person affected by sarcoma. Talk to us or email for information and support.

  • Our support line is independent and confidential
  • We believe no question is a silly question
  • We lend a listening ear
  • We can point you in the right direction
Sarcoma UK support group tea pot

Find a local support group

Meet other sarcoma patients and carers in an informal, friendly environment.

Local support groups are run by patients and carers with local sarcoma clinical nurse specialists or doctors. Hear a guest speaker, discuss a topic or just have a chat.

There may be one close by.

Sarcoma UK Understanding booklets

Information about sarcoma

We provide high quality, up-to-date information about sarcoma, how it is diagnosed and the treatment options available. Rest assured that everything we write is double-checked by the experts.  

Download and read our guides right now. We also have print copies.