Our Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is comprised of scientific and clinical experts across a broad range of disciplines. Members come from scientific and clinical centres of excellence across the UK to ensure that the committee is balanced and that decisions are well informed and impartial. They are independent of our Board of Trustees.

What does the RAC do?

Using their knowledge, experience and perspective, they apply their expertise in addition to any external peer reviews of applications to ensure high quality research recommendations are made to the Board of Trustees.

Our RAC members are all volunteers who give us their time and expertise for free. We are extremely grateful to them.

Our independent RAC oversees the research grant rounds and follow our Principles of Peer Review Policy.

We ask all RAC members and external peer reviewers to declare any conflicts of interest.

Following peer review, the Research Advisory Committee will discuss and rank the applications for funding. Final approval comes from the Board of Trustees.