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What are we trying to achieve with research funding?

Sarcoma UK funds research to ultimately improve care for people with sarcoma, through more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment and better quality of life.

In our organisational strategy, we describe the aim of our research as ‘to support the development of ideas leading to further research funding’. We are a small charity with far fewer financial resources than the big cancer research funding giants. So the best way for us to maximise impact is by stimulating further research, perhaps taking on the riskier ideas at an earlier stage and helping them flourish.

As well as giving our researchers a platform to secure further funding, we play a key role in developing the human capacity to do sarcoma research. We have funded a number of researchers at the early stages of their careers, who are rapidly becoming leaders in the field.

A number of our projects also have direct impact, by creating evidence that is used to inform policy or clinical practice.

How have we been successful so far?

Case study 1: Finding new treatments for chordomas

Case study 2: Detecting sarcoma early from your genes

Case study 3: Making sure services reflect the needs of patients