Full list of Sarcoma UK’s policy priorities

  1. Be the driving force to improve public awareness of sarcoma’s signs and symptoms, working alongside the government and arms-length bodies.
  2. Push to improve knowledge and awareness around the signs and symptoms of sarcoma in primary care, such as GPs, community nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and emergency department workers.
  3. Lobby the government and arms-length bodies to ensure that there is a well-staffed, diagnostic workforce for sarcoma.
  4. Partner with the clinical community to increase the quantity and quality of staging data for sarcomas in the UK.
  5. Actively influence primary care professionals to improve knowledge of sarcoma referral pathways and push for suspected sarcoma to always be referred to a sarcoma specialist centre.
  6. Work with location specific cancer and children’s or young adult’s teams to ensure sarcoma specialist teams involvement.
  7. Campaign to ensure that patients/doctors have access to the full range of clinically-effective treatments to treat sarcoma.
  8. Encourage sarcoma specialist centres to proactively offer mental health services at regular stages through the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma.
  9. Improve awareness among healthcare professionals of the psychological support available and their role in signposting this to sarcoma patients at every stage of their sarcoma journey.
  10. Increase patient awareness of additional services, such as emotional and financial support from charities, to ensure that they are aware of all their options.

More information around Sarcoma UK’s policy and campaigning work at sarcoma.org.uk/policy

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