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This time marking ten years of Sarcoma UK has been like no other.  Who could have predicted such challenges back in 2011 when the charity as we know it was born?

As we reflect on this milestone, there is much to be proud of. We cannot be complacent, but our progress in sarcoma research, awareness, campaigning and support has contributed to delivering on the charity’s ambitions to make a difference for those who need us.

We have come a long way from our early days to advance in ways that we could never have imagined. While there simply aren’t enough words to focus on every achievement, this report showcases a few of those key moments.

Here is the proof of how so many have played their part for all those affected by sarcoma. People make Sarcoma UK and it is all of you who ensured the charity continued and flourished. Even through the toughest of times, you have been behind us.

With the help of our dedicated supporters and our committed team, we can look forward with confidence to the next ten years.

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Richard Davidson, Chief Executive

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2011 Launch event

The story so far

The year 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of when we formally became Sarcoma UK. Here are some of the key developments in our journey.

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Where we were... and where we are now

It’s been quite a decade since Sarcoma UK officially launched in June 2011 – a single charity for sarcoma patients, carers and relatives which united the Sarcoma Trust and Sarcoma UK.

Sarcoma research – a momentum for change

Since we awarded our very first grants in 2009, our research programme has come a long way.

2021 London marathon supporters 10th Anniversary

Our fundraising heroes

Sarcoma UK has benefitted from the generosity of so many dedicated fundraisers who have gone the extra mile to undertake all sorts of personal challenges in support of our work. We couldn’t be more grateful to them. Here’s a snapshot of what just some of them have been up to over the last decade.

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People make Sarcoma UK

The most incredible people have ensured Sarcoma UK has evolved into an organisation fit for the challenges of the last decade and more. The charity and its journey is all about those many people who have their own stories and their own unique reasons, like those featured here. Thank you to all the people who have made Sarcoma UK so far.

Graphic of many people

Being there for each other: the power of support groups

The value of support groups was already clear when Sarcoma UK officially launched in 2011.

Eleven local groups spanned the UK from Scotland to the South West with the first online group established in 2006, and the first face-to-face group following two years later.

MP Gillian Keegan at Parliamentary Event

Policy and Public Affairs – how we’ve influenced and engaged

The last decade has seen a transformation in policy and public affairs work for Sarcoma UK, stepping up a gear in recent years.

Sarcoma UK Support Line staff

Our Support Line: here when you need us

An increasing number of complex calls to the Sarcoma UK office was the motivation behind the birth of the Support Line in 2016.