When a marathon just won't cut it...

We are on hand to help you register and answer any questions about these events. We’d love to hear from you! Just email fundraising@sarcoma.org.uk.

Obstacle races 

Whether it’s an Inflatable 5k or a Tough Mudder, these epic courses are set to test you!


Create unforgettable memories when you jump for the sarcoma community and do a skydive this year.

This is your chance to be a superhero for the sarcoma community and experience flying amongst the clouds!

  • Date: throughout 2021/22
  • Registration fee: Free
  • Sponsorship pledge £395
  • Where? UK
  • Why?: Experience an incredible free falling through the clouds from 10,000 with a sky dive!
  • Apply on Do it for Charity's website here

Swim Serpentine 

The Swim Serpentine  is an open water swimming festival taking place in the heart of London in Hyde Park. With the variety of distances to choose from and no time limit, you’ll be able to take your time to complete this swim. This event is suitable for all levels of swimming ability, from the regular swimmers who want to try out open water swimming to those who are up for a challenge. Sign up via their website.

  • Date: tbc for 2022
  • Registration fee: tbc
  • Sponsorship pledge tbc
  • Where? Hyde Park, London
  • Why?: Swim Serpentine is a must-do event in the open water swimming calendar. All your needs are catered for with heated changing rooms, dunk zone, pontoon start and finish, full water safety crew, hot tubs and exhibition area.
  • Apply on Swim Serpentine's website here