There are loads of fun and creative ways to connect with friends and family through the magic of technology. 

Virtual Quiz Night 

Whether you're missing your usual pub quiz or just want to get some friends together to test your general knoweldge, a quiz night in is the perfect way to get together. We have a fabulous premade quiz available for you to download and use or you can design your own.

Gather your teams, make a donation and off you go! Nominate a quiz master and you’re all set for your virtual quiz night. For an extra boost why not try holding a raffle for those who didn't manage to claim top spot? 

Virtual Games 

If you are planning a marathon gaming session you could turn it into a great fundraising opportunity. Platforms like Twitch, Steam and game consoles online leader boards allow you to share your progress and you can ask for sponsorship.

Online Multiplayer games like Overwatch, Fortnite, FIFA, Mario Kart and Rocket League are a great way to socialise with friends, especially if you are in isolation! What about running a sweepstake and donating the profits to Sarcoma UK. If you are buying games online don’t forget to nominate us as your HumbleBundle charity.

Sometimes, nothing can beat a good old fashioned party game. If your house is in isolation one way to battle the boredom is to join together in a party game. Friends and family all over the world can join in on the fun through video calls (try Skype or Zoom). You could run a sweepstake, pay per play, or host the event from the comfort of your own sofa and get sponsorship! 

Virtual Bookworms 

Join our Sarcoma UK book club - Virtual Bookworms. Virtual Bookworms will give us all the opportunity to try something new, enjoy a good read, meet new friends and share a cup of tea (or wine) at our virtual meet-ups. We are asking for a suggested donation of £5 via our Virtual Bookworms Just Giving Page.

Sign up by March 27th to joing the first readathon.  Our first virtual meet-up will be from 8pm to 9pm on 9th April 2020 via Zoom (details will be emailed to participants).  To sign up, head to the Virtual Bookworms Just Giving Page to donate, then email to let them know you've joined.  We’ll then send details of the first book.  At our first meet up we can share our points of view, thoughts and impressions and perhaps we can share a few of our own stories too.