The Sarcoma UK Virtual Dinner Party is a great way to still meet up with friends and family, share a meal and support everyone affected by sarcoma.

How does it work? Donate (suggested donation is £5) and then download our bespoke menu, designed by celebrity chef Brian Turner,  and ask your guests to do the same. Then simply pick a date and time to hold your dinner party, decide how you will link up virtually (try Skype or Zoom) and then get cooking!

You could even cook together, virtually, sharing tips and tastings as you go. 

Your evening could include entertainment, a theme with a dress-code is always great fun. Or how about testing your guests’ culinary know-how with our Dinner Party Quiz. You can ask for a suggested donation for entry and offer a small prize for the winning guest. Or you could play guess the celebrity with a series of clues, hold a raffle or a mini-auction to take place during dinner or between courses.

There are endless ways to get creative and host a night to remember.