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Welcome to Sarcoma UK’s Clinical Trials Hub. Here you’ll find you all you need to know about sarcoma clinical trials in the UK, how you can get involved and if clinical trials are right for you. 

We want more clinical trials for sarcoma. There are only a small number of sarcoma trials open at any one time and Sarcoma UK want to ensure that all patients have access to clinical trials where possible. 

If you are a clinician or researcher who would like to submit a sarcoma clinical trial to add to our clinical trials list, please email or call 0207 856 0445.

Please note: Many clinical trials are being affected by COVID-19.
This may mean that trial sites are delaying or pausing recruitment of patients, or that they are making changes for the patients already recruited. If you are already involved in a trial, you can contact your doctor or healthcare team directly for the latest updates.


About Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial, what types of trial are there and why join one in the first place?

Things to think about and getting support

Information that can help you make a decision regarding clinical trials, from practical and logistical considerations, to the impact it may have on your quality of life, and the support available to you.

Sarcoma UK support group

How to join a clinical trial

The steps to take if you're interested in joining a clinical trial.

Find a trial

A list of the known trials for all sarcomas taking place in the UK at this moment.

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Questions to ask your Clinician and Research Team

There are many things to take into consideration before entering a trial. It is therefore important that you have the right information about taking part. Here is a list of questions you might want to ask your sarcoma team or the team carrying out the trial. They may also prompt you to think of some of your own questions too.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Clinical Trials

Some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding clinical trials.

Photo of Clinical Trial Admissions Coordinator with Study Volunteer

Clinical Trials Glossary

Glossary for types of trials and treatments