Anyone diagnosed with a bone or soft tissue sarcoma can benefit from specialist advice and treatment to speed recovery and help deal with the effects of these cancers and their treatment.

The following information is for guidance only and every patient should seek individual advice from their rehabilitation team as advice and treatment can vary between centres.  

What rehabilitation services are available to me?

How do I get referred to rehabilitation services?

When can I start my rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation after specific sarcoma surgery

What else can I do to help with my rehabilitation?

What can I do about going back to school or college?

I am worried I won’t be able to afford to attend my rehabilitation or do the things suggested

How will I be followed up after my treatment for sarcoma?

Will my cancer come back?

I want to talk to someone about my sarcoma

The Quality Improvement Development and Innovation Scheme (QIDIS) project on rehabilitation looked at the rehabilitation services available for people with bone sarcoma. The project looked at both the patient and health and care professional views or rehabilitation services. The aim was to develop an improved model for rehabilitation across the UK with effective and seamless rehabilitation care.

One of the findings of this project was that there was not enough written information for patients on rehabilitation services. To address this, Sarcoma UK have worked in conjunction with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore to create this information on rehabilitation for sarcoma patients with input from the four other bone sarcoma centres in the UK; NewcastleOxfordBirmingham and Oswestry.

Special thanks to the East Anglia Sarcoma Support Group members who kindly reviewed this information before its publication.

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